about me


Hi, I’m Donna and I am a published, Chicago based lifestyle photographer specializing in food, family portraiture and special events, and I have been “shooting things” for over ten years. I have a love affair with food and cooking, I adore a great cup of espresso, am a sucker for a super yummy glass of wine.

While I enjoy all facets of photography including fashion, sports and portraiture, my background is in culinary arts (I attended culinary school and still maintain a client base for my personal chef work), so the hospitality industry remain my passion, thus food and beverage industry pics are among my favorite subjects to shoot. My combined love of the art of photography and the hospitality industry helps my vision to make food look mouth-watering, makes fashion and nature come alive and special events look exciting and inviting.

My photography has been featured in local print magazines, newspapers, local online news websites, and on covers food merchandising and has received great reviews and recommendations from clients all around the internet. I hope you enjoy my blog and my visual adventures, thanks for stopping by!

PS- I SIMPLY ADORE to answer food & photography questions, so, if you have any questions regarding wine, photography, cooking techniques, ingredients, or where to purchase some food & wine stuff in Chicago, drop me a line: shootingdeliciousness@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you!


photography & recipe info

I love to cook for my family and friends and I can talk for hours about the latest cookware, best places to find local ingredients, drool over new camera equipment but most of all I like to share all that knowledge and my experiences with others.

My background has been in culinary arts, as I attended culinary school here in Chicago, worked in the restaurants, did some catering and some personal chef work, and ended up sticking to photography, which I love just as much as cooking, so I've combined the two to create this blog! What you will find on my blog is a mish-mash of info; from cooking tips, household hints, what's new in cookware/appliances/gadgets, and recipes borrowed from everywhere on along with commentary on before and after. These are my passions, they are what define me. When cooking, whether it's American or Armenian, Leeks or Lentils, I will cook and chronicle recipes from America and abroad with cooking techniques for home cooks everywhere. When shooting, I will share my life's experiences and fun times along the way. With Home entertaining, I LOVE  to give a good shortcut or cooking tip. Stay tuned, you never know where this culinary trip might take you or what you might learn along the way; thanks for stopping by!

Important notes:

Sometimes, when I look at a recipe, I think about two things, gee, I can make this better or what is missing or unclear from this recipe. So, if it is the later of the two, I take the techniques that I've learned along the way in my culinary journey and make good food simple. Sometimes while cooking and making post for this blog, I may find that something is missing from the original recipe, and in those cases I"ll tell you what I THINK should be there (not that my word is golden or anything), or if something such as an ingredient is unclear, I'll define that too (Charlie Trotter, though I love him to death and have all of his cookbooks, always has these fancy names for foods like an exotic name for just a simple tomato, lol), so I"ll clear up any misconceptions regarding food ingredients as well. In the end, I will tell you how a new recipe came out and how well it went over with my panel of judges (friends and family).

  1. All the photos here (unless CLEARLY and otherwise stated), are all taken by me and my photography company. As for the recipes, when they are my own, I"ll state it, if the recipe is from elsewhere, I'll be sure to cite the source and provide a link back if available.
  2. I bear NO responsibility or liability to anyone who tries any recipe or technique on my blog, or purchases I product or something that I recommend.
  3. And finally, please remember one thing about cooking, photos and recipes; it is a food company or cookbook author's job to make food look great and appetizing and jump off the page and make you want to run into your kitchen to prepare it; with that being said, it is possible that your end result might not look as fancy or beautiful as the photo you look at of the finished recipe. Most chefs, cookbook authors and the like, hire food stylists to make their food shine, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't look the same as the pro's, it even happens to me and I'm a photographer, lol!